Two Hikes, 2/8 and 2/10/2018

Carl and friend on W. Tiger 3
Carl and friend on W. Tiger 3

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I hiked Rattlesnake Mountain/Stan’s Overlook on Thursday, 2/8 with Ken:

Ken at Stan's Overlook
Ken at Stan’s Overlook

On Saturday, while most of the Saturday hiking crew was training for the Chilly Hilly bike ride around Bainbridge Island, Carl and I and Carl’s friend Steve hiked up to West Tiger 3 via the steepest trail on the mountain.

The signs on this trail just say ‘unmaintained’.  Based on the map it could be an extension of the Nook Trail or the Section Line Trail – whatever – but it takes you from 1100 feet to 2400 feet in .8 mile.

A fun couple of hikes, I am looking forward to more next week.

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