Tiger Mountain Section Line/Talus Rocks 2/19/2018

Round Lake
Round Lake

Beautiful President’s Day hike, the standard Section Line but this time I took a different route back, through the Talus Rocks Trail:

Talus Rocks Trail
Talus Rocks Trail

Back via Wetlands and this time, I took a left at the signed trail intersection that says ‘.2 miles to Puget Power Trail’ (right).  I went left and found out where a particular left turn, early in the Adventure Trail goes.

So about 6.5 miles, beautiful day, good workout.

Update 2/21/18 – did this hike again but this time with the Garmin.  Unfortunately, it screwed up again; even though I cleared the current trip and the current track the file included the trip to the trail head.  Bummer.

But here it is:


UPDATE 3/3/2018 – Did this hike again today, from the Section Line direction.  Beautiful sunny day.

UPDATE: 3/6/2018 – Did this in fairly standard order, Adventure Trail, etc. with Ken, Greg, Carl.  One little twist, at the steep section Nook/Section intersection we went up for maybe .25 mile or so just for the extra workout.  Back down via Wetland Trail, total time only about 2.5 hours.  No break all the way to the end of the Section Line.

UPDATE: 3/14/2018 – Did the standard direction to Section Line only (no Talus Rocks) on Monday 3/12 prior to babysitting Camden.  Plan to get out tomorrow, 3/15, and will be doing a 16-mile Tiger hike with Derek and possibly Ryan on Saturday.

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