Snowshoes w/ Jill, Derek, Cam 1/12/2017

Looking north from Iron Horse Trail
Looking north from Iron Horse Trail

It was a beautiful, sunny day but a bit cold for Camden.  The temp was somewhere in the teens with a brisk wind when we got up to the Iron Horse/John Wayne Trail.

We parked on the street outside the Exit 38 parking lot and, after gearing up with snowshoes, and Camden’s backpack (Cam is the cargo) we walked up the service road that parallels the parking lot.

Derek took his snowshoes off right away.  The snow was packed down pretty well, nothing new and fluffy, but JIll and I kept ours on because we didn’t want to carry them.  I had not brought along the gear I use to strap snow shoes to my backpack.

Anyway, we did just fine up to the IHT, and we even walked a little ways west to check out the Mt. Washington trail head (where I am going on Saturday).  The problem started not long after we started heading east.

I admit this is a lousy picture but it was cold
I admit this is a lousy picture but it was cold

I snapped the picture above at just about the moment we decided to turn around and go back to the car.  When we got hit by the wind poor Camden got really cold, and told us in the only language he has that he was not happy.

So we turned around and our snow shoe event was pretty short.  But still a fun outing and afterwards Derek bought us breakfast at a cafe in North Bend that was used in the TV series “Twin Peaks” (I had coffee but no pie).

A fun day!


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