Snowshoeing with the family 1/2/2017

Jan, Jill and Finley in snowshoes
Jan, Jill and Finley on snowshoes

We did a fun hike/snowshoe outing today.  We parked about 1.5 miles past Exit 38, where a service road intersects SE Homestead Valley Road and hiked up the service road.

In the summer you can take this road up to a spot where it intersects the McClellan Butte trail and start that hike from the road.  It cuts about 3 miles from that hike.  But you really need a Jeep or high-clearance truck to make it up the road in wintry conditions so we just hiked.

Derek and Cam
Derek and Cam

The whole gang turned out and the round trip for Jan, Jill and Fin was about 4.5 miles.  Great job in the snow for folks who rarely get out.

Derek and Cam and I went a bit further west on the Iron Horse Trail, to the vicinity of the Mine Creek Bridge.

Looking north from Iron Horse Trail
Looking north from Iron Horse Trail

What a beautiful day and a great ending to my little Boeing break.  Tomorrow it is back to work.

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