Two Hikes – 4/9/2018 and 4/11/2018

Looking Southeast
Looking Southeast from Upper Ledge

I have done two hikes this week.  Solo, I did Rattlesnake Mountain/Stan’s Overlook on Monday:

Stan's Overlook
Stan’s Overlook

Today, 4/11, I went up the other end of Rattlesnake Mountain with Ken.  We started up the Old Trail and went to the third (upper) ledge.  We expected a downpour and were dressed appropriately but it turned out to be beautiful:

Looking Northwest
Looking Northwest
Rattlesnake Lake
Rattlesnake Lake

This retirement gig is sweet!

Babysitting duty on Friday, they may have a sleepover that night, if so I will try to get out on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Two Hikes – 4/9/2018 and 4/11/2018”

  1. Yeah, and there actually used to be a town (named Monckton) there. Long story but there are photos of the town as it was starting to be flooded. When the lake is very low (in late summer/early fall) you can see some of the artifacts.

    Today, it is a wonderful recreational area; people swim and fish and just paddle around. I was out there with my son-in-law Derek and his two kids (my beloved grandkids) a couple of weeks ago fishing.

    We are so lucky.

    By the way, we saw a beautiful bird this morning, it was bright blue. I don’t think it was a Blue Jay, or a Bluebird, not sure what other birds around here are blue but it was striking.

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