Rattlesnake Mountain/Stan’s Overlook 3/24/2018

The Crew at Stan's
The Crew at Stan’s

Nice, snowy hike today with Greg, Ken, Mike, Mark and David.  We measured about 7″ of snow at Stan’s Overlook.

Snowy Trail
Snowy Trail

The trail was snowy but not icy so no spikes needed.  We all had gaiters so fairly dry gear at the end.

On the way down we even got a little break in the clouds:

Decent View on the Way Down
Decent View on the Way Down

Fun day and we are re-convening tonight (with Carl as well) for a retirement party – I retired in January, Greg a week later.  Should be fun.

4 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Mountain/Stan’s Overlook 3/24/2018”

    1. It is and believe it or not, none of us ever take it for granted. I was hiking right next to Mike Holland when I took the ‘decent view’ picture and we stopped for a little bit just to enjoy the feeling.

      And just beyond where we went yesterday there is a stretch of forest that is breathtaking.

      We are lucky ducks!

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