Poo Poo Point Trail 11/19/2016

Nice little waterfall
Nice little waterfall

I met up with Greg, Mark and David at the Exit 22 Park and Ride.  The forecast was for lots of rain and it was drizzling a bit.  We hatched a plan on the spot.

Someone had noticed that the High Point Exit, Exit 20, was massively crowded, as if some kind of event was going on.  And, sure enough, a Google search reveals a half and full marathon event in the area today.  So High Point was out but I suggested we try the E. Sunset Way trail head and so we headed there.

We took the connector trail up to Puget Power, the Adventure Trail to High School trail, and then the Poo Poo Point trail.

About 3.5 miles from the car there is a trail junction with a sign indicating that Poo Poo Point is .5 miles away.  But we turned around, since Greg was getting some very nasty blisters on his heels.

He is going to Mexico in a few weeks to climb two tough mountains and he is trying to break in some serious mountaineering boots.  The result today was blisters.  He was able to get down OK since most of the weight going down is on your toes, and Mark broke out a couple of moleskins.

So, it was about 7 miles, at a nice clip.  Not many views, since we were in the forest the entire time, but I happen to like being in the forest.  It seems to peaceful.

And we hardly got wet, except from sweat.

Maybe 2200 feet of elevation gain altogether (some ups and downs along the way) and a very fun hike.

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