Neighborhood Walk 3/20/16

Beauties and The Beast
Beauties and The Beast

A snap from last Friday, the 18th, when both of the Little Angels stayed with us.  Fun times!

Today Fin and Jill were on a Girl Scout camping trip, Derek was off work and hanging with Cam, so we hit the trails in Snoqualmie.

Visualization of the hike is here:

A fun little walk/hike, and Camden had a great time.  He is disinclined to be bored and it isn’t boring walking around the woods with Daddo and Grampy, so he was smiling most of the time.

Plenty of rain in the forecast for next week but I am going to try to start a new good habit if I can: drive to one of the nearer Tiger Mountain parking lots and, if I can get a spot, do a little (2 to 2.5 hour) hike on Tiger, just for the conditioning.

If I can do two of those a week, on top of any other hikes we do, I should start getting fitter and might be in pretty decent backpacking shape by May.

We are planning a few overnight/2 or 3 night backpacking trips and I need to get ready.

Of course, I look forward to the day when I can hike with Derek, Fin and Cam on a backpacking trip into the beautiful alpine wilderness around here.

Update 3/24: Well, my Tiger Mountain training hikes got off to a less-than-stellar start.  But there is hope.

Tuesday a late meeting landed on my schedule so I had to put off my first attempt.  Today I got a chance and almost immediately blew it.  The map had me going up the trail and turning right at .4 miles.  There was a trail on the right at .37 miles and since the maps are not perfect (nor are Garmins) I took the trail.

1.5 miles later I came across a large board with a map on it and I could see I was nowhere near where I thought I was.  So I back-tracked, but did a little detour to see where I should have turned right.  I found it and I will be back, either Saturday, if my schedule supports that, or Tuesday.

If I have to I will map the entire mountain.  The trails are like capillaries but I will figure them out and keep plugging.

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