Hall Point Meteor Shower Hike 8/11/2017

No track and no pictures from last night.  I met Derek and his brother Ryan and their friend Tommy last night when Derek got off work, after 9PM, and we drove to the Exit 38 picnic area parking lot to hike up to our view point on Hall Point.

Too dark for pictures, I didn’t record the track since I have done so many times.

Just wanted to note the event.  The viewing was sub-par due to all of the smoke in the air (our area has been under assault from the BC forest fires, the air quality and visibility has been terrible for a couple of weeks) but we all saw at least a few meteors.

But meteors or not, just hiking with these guys, and the awesome music they brought along, in the dark, was more fun than you might think (not everyone, it is true, likes to hike along steep trails in the woods to the light of headlamps) but really, we had a terrific time.

We will head out again next year and hope for better viewing conditions.

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