Tiger Mountain/Section Line 2018 base post

As usual when I purposely leave my camera behind (I don’t have a camera phone) some great photo op appears and I have to skip it. Today, I saw a huge woodpecker pecking wood not far from the trail and he wasn’t bothered by my presence. Would have made a great shot.

Anyway, I am not going to add a new trip report for every Section Line hike I do; I will just bookmark this one and update it as I do it.

This is the hike from E. Sunset Way: connector trail to Puget Power Trail, to Adventure Trail to High School Trail to Section Line trail (this is the workout of this hike, about .8 mile of fairly steep and steady climbing) down the Nook Trail to the Bus Trail.

Today, instead of taking the Bus Trail to the Bonneville Powerline Trail back to Puget Power, I took the Around The Lake trail back to the Puget Power trail.

There are plenty of variations, but the hike is 2 hours 15 minutes give or take and a nice mid-week workout.

UPDATE – 2/13/2018 – did this today with a little twist at the end.  Went down to Bus Trail, took it to its western terminus at the Bonneville Power trail, then took the Wetlands Trail, passing by Round Lake, which is a very nice little lake just west of Tradition Lake.

UPDATE: 2/23/2018 – Did a reverse-direction variation this morning, early (6:40 leaving car) because of babysitting duties.  Started Adventure Trail but quickly went left up the Wetlands trail and went up rather than down the Nook Trail.

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