Squak Mountain 3/25/2017

The crew at Debbie's View
The crew at Debbie’s View

L-R Mike, Greg, Ken, Mark and Carl.

We met at the May Valley Rd trail head today, starting on the trail Carl and I hiked back on 3/1 but this time veering west at 2.3 miles in to visit Debbie’s View (a spot we visited back in December, via the Margaret’s Way trail).  From there we hit the West Peak en route to the Bullitt Fireplace.

We tried to find Central Peak but didn’t quite make it.  Will try again some time in the next few weeks.

My Garmin did not work (I think I fixed it just now) so no track.  About 8 miles, probably 2K gain (several ups and downs and three or four really steep sections).   A fun hike and a nice workout.

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