Section Line Trail Conditioning Hike – ongoing

Talus Rock Trail
Talus Rock Trail

Today was the third time I have been to Tiger Mountain to scout a good loop or loops to do during the week when I am unable to flex my schedule to get a day off.  I think I figured out a good one.

I need to keep it to about 2.5 hours.  Today’s hike was a bit more than 3 hours, but I took a wrong turn at one point and wasted time, and I went farther along the Talus Rock Trail than I should have done and added time that way.

Basic loop I will try next: I park at E. Sunset Trail Head just off Exit 18 and take the Puget Power trail to Adventure Trail to High School Trail to Section Line and then, instead of heading east on the Talus Rocks trail, turn left at the Nook Trail to the Bus Trail (and I actually saw the ancient, rusted, much-tagged bus along the way) which then shortly connects to the Round the Lake Trail, back to Puget Power Trail.

If that sounds complicated it is, a little, which is why it took me a while to figure out that that route would be about ideal.

So, next time I do it I will update this post rather than add a new one, and I may discover other loops to do, for some variety.

It’s all about getting in better condition, as I would like to do some more serious day hikes his summer (on Mountain Loop Highway or in the Olympics).  I have to be in better condition to handle that kind of stuff.

Update 8/4/2016:

Did Cable Line to West Tiger #2 summit with Derek, 2h 15 min.  That time can be improved!

I have not added a few outings here – like last Saturday, 1/21/2017, yesterday, 1/28/2017 and today, 1/29.  Today I was scared by what appeared/sounded like a defensive cougar.  Some kind of while shrieking that moved bushes above me, closer and closer.  I backed out.  Will be back in this general vicinity on Wednesday, we shall see how it goes.

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