Poo Poo Point 9/5/2016

Poo Poo Point is on Tiger Mountain and is a well-known spot for hang gliders to launch and land.  I didn’t even bring my camera because the only photo-worthy place is Poo Poo itself and it was foggy today anyway.

I chose this relatively moderate hike because I hadn’t hiked in several weeks and I had lost some conditioning.  I am an old man and that’s just the way it is.  I have to work harder just to stay in place.

Here is a visualization of the hike:


4 hours, 8 miles, about 2400 feet of elevation gain so not completely easy but, let’s face it,  no big deal.  But it was a decent workout and I had fun on a Labor Day so I can’t complain.

We had a little visitor Saturday night, our grandson Camden (15 months old) stayed with us and it was totally fun.  We love both of our grandkids and Camden is getting bigger by the week.

I figure in a few years I will be hiking Poo Poo with him.

Update 9/6/2016:

A hug from Camden
A hug from Camden

Beauty and the beast for sure.  I put this here so I could see it from anywhere.  Saturday Camden (15 months old) stayed with us.  Granny and I were sitting on the couch and Camden was standing on my legs while I held onto his hands.

He decided he wanted a hug instead and Granny snapped the picture.

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