Last Hike of 2016 – 12/31/2016

I didn’t take the camera today, just the Garmin.  I did not join the group today, as they were planning a hike that would have been too long for me today – family considerations – so I just did a little jaunt up Rattlesnake Mountain from Exit 27 side today.

It was 5.8 miles, 2 3/4 hours, a fun little hike.

I have taken this route before, but never alone, and never in the daylight.  I was able to focus on the trail and the forest today and I noted happily that, immediately after Stan’s Overlook (see visualization, below) the woods get thicker and darker.  It is a beautiful environment.

And the trail at this point is snow-covered – well packed, and with my Ice Trekkers, no problem to navigate.  So, all in all, it was a beautiful hike.

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