IHT to McClellan Butte 4/27/2017

No photos today, forgot the camera.

Useful hike, because I learned that the road from the freeway to McClellan Butte parking lot (Exit 42 on I-90E) is now open.

I parked at the 2nd Exit 38 parking lot, crossed the road and went up the Hall Creek Connector trail to the Iron Horse Trail (IHT).  From there I went east to the McLellan Butte trail and down that trail to the trail head and down the road to the freeway.

Last couple of trip reports showed the road closed due to blow downs, but it is now open.

11.5 miles, saw maybe 4 people the whole time, just over 4 hours round-trip.

My track:


2 thoughts on “IHT to McClellan Butte 4/27/2017”

    1. I know – and the mountains to the north, across the freeway, were beautiful today. You could see a perfect snow line where everything above the line was dusted with snow, everything below was either impressive rock walls or impressive forest. Plus, I went over the Mine Creek Bridge from both directions, and that is a nice view point.

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