Christmas Lake 1/30/2018

Along the Trail
Along the Trail

I figured to be hiking more often after retirement but I didn’t get out at all last week.  I am changing that formula as of today.

I met Carl and Mike this morning at the Park ‘n Ride and we drove up to the upper Rattlesnake Lake parking lot.  As usual, this one was empty.

Carl had knee surgery a few weeks ago and is in rehab mode so we did a family-friendly hike, east on IHT, Christmas Lake, then up to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center.  Mike had never visited and he was impressed.  It truly is a wonderful place to visit.

Not sure how long, just a bit more than 4 miles I am sure, and tons of fun.  Just a great time.

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  1. You bet and, as of just a few hours ago, I am a grand-Uncle again – my niece Sherry in Chicago just had a little girl, Claire. It’s all good!

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