Christmas Eve 2015


I had the pleasure this week, Monday thru Thursday afternoons, of babysitting my grandkids Finley and Camden so their mom and dad could go to work.

Figaro’s portrait was painted last year by Jim Manos (working from a couple of photos taken when he was basically a kitten) and I thought he might want to see what the grown-up fur-boy looks like.

Figs is a sweetheart.

As for Finley, she was not in a mood to be photographed today but her baby brother is too small to escape the lens:


It has been a great week.  I worked Monday thru Wednesday but was off today.  Fin stayed with us last night and after Granny went to work I took Fin up to the local mall for an art lesson and from there we went to her house to hang out until mom got home from work.

The whole gang is coming over tomorrow and Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday is a hike day.  Derek is on call so this will be solo and, if the I-90 freeway re-opens (closed just past Jill and Derek’s exit today due to avalanche danger) I will be up here, one way or another:

Saturday's destination

Photo taken, by the way, from Jill and Derek’s deck.  Nice, eh?

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