6/21/2015 – Mt. WA main trail solo (no pictures)

I was marshaling at the US Open/Chambers Bay all last week and I forgot the camera.  What I did this morning is probably not photo-worthy anyway.  Just noting this hike to support future trips down memory lane.

Derek will understand what I am saying.

1. Got to Exit 38 lot at 6:35 – Father’s Day, I figured it would be jammed.  But I was the first car.

2. Headed up at 6:40.

3. Owl Point at 7:30, that is, only 50 minutes (it is 2 miles from the parking lot).

4. Summit at 8:37 – 1h:57m!

Only 2 breaks from the car to the summit.  3 if you count a minute gathering and stacking rocks to create a little cairn marking the junction of the (what we call) the North Trail and the Main Trail.  I also figured out that there is a better mid-hike break spot than the usual, which is where two large boulders sit in the middle of the trail.  It is fairly level just past that spot and maybe 200 yards past the boulders is a nice view point.  So next time I do this trail, I will power past the normal break point and enjoy the view just a bit farther up the trail.

First one up so I did not see anyone on the way up, perhaps 15 or so people on the way down, including several rock climbers, one of whom was holding a toddler who was not happy and not shy about showing it.   Poor little guy!

Happy Father’s Day to anyone reading this.

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