5/7/2015 Great Wall to Mt. WA summit (once again)

Mailbox Peak from Mt. Washington

Our plan today was to hike Mailbox Peak (there it is) but the road to the trail head was under construction and a very nice but very firm highway worker told us to scram.

So we came up with a quick plan B.  We went four miles farther east on I-90 and, once again, found ourselves in the parking lot from which most hikes up Mount Washington are launched.  And we decided to do the Great Wall trail again, but this time make the final turn correctly.

Which we did.

Sunny day
Sunny day on a shady trail

70 degrees, perfectly sunny, absolutely perfect weather.  And when you are hiking through a forest, the sunny weather creates some awesome interplays of sun and shade.

Check out the final sentence in the 2nd episode of Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ and multiply it by several miles and you will get the idea.

Speaking of forest, it has its own attractions:

The woods have their own beauty

View after view makes it difficult to choose a winner but this one is pretty nice: (good eye, Derek!)

great view
Behold the view

The Great Wall is an exceedingly impressive wall of rocks and trees:

lone tree
lone tree

Every time you get a nice view of Mt. Rainier from the summit of this mountain the view is different.  Infinitely interesting:

Mt Rainier
Mount Rainier looks different every day

Looking at the map and adding the distances as best as we can we figure our hike today was about 12 miles.   And we did it in about 4:45 – not exactly running, but given the elevation gain (about 3300 or 3400 feet) not bad.

Our next hike is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12 and we are aiming at Mount Teneriffe.  With just a little luck we will have the Garmin eTrex 20 I ordered last week and we will be able to map our route and gather all the statistics – groovy!

UPDATE 5/10/2015 (Happy Mother’s Day)

Removed video link 5/11, just too much hassle.




4 thoughts on “5/7/2015 Great Wall to Mt. WA summit (once again)”

    1. Thanks, Bruce – hopefully we can get to the Teneriffe trail head on Tuesday and have something new to report.

    1. It is a wonderful way to get exercise. But whenever we think we are in good shape we notice someone running up and down the trails.

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